Aurora tours

Summer being bright night and day is really nice but Icelandic winters have their advantages as well. The extreme darkness in Iceland during the winter time give us the unique chance to see very bright northern lights and stars, even from home!

Some tours offer long bus rides to see the northern lights but the fact is that you don’t need to travel far on the good nights. Sometimes you can see them from your hotel window even. Our aurora experts go as far as needed to see the northern lights with you, some evenings it takes a 15 minute walk, on others a 20 minute bus ride. We only offer our tours on days where the chances of seeing northern lights are high, but if you don’t see any with us we offer you to join us on a different evening for free!

Main highlights of the tour

  • The northern lights! Of course
  • Experience the northern lights with an experienced and local guide
  • See the night sky and stars while lying in the grass or snow and truly experience nature at it’s finest!
  • And drink some hot cocoa while you’re at it!


  • Our meeting point is in front of Tryggvaskáli Restaurant, the oldest house in Selfoss!
  • There, the tour guide will tell you a little bit about what to expect and
  • Please make sure to dress according to weather, it can get cold quickly! The tour can take up to 3 hours, and we are outside most of that time, so keep that in mind
  • Keep in mind that the tours can change depending on the weather and visibility, sometimes the tour has a short bus ride, car ride and sometimes it is a small walk

What’s included?

  • The guide, of course, and their knowledge of the aurora borealis phenomenon
  • We will bring some blankets if you get cold
  • And some hot drinks! Can’t do a northern light tour without some hot drinks
  • The bus ride, only on evenings where it is better to go out of the town to see the lights

For any more questions about the tour, feel free to contact us!