What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?

We do everything in our power to accommodate all dietary restrictions and allergies but please let us know through mail or message us before coming in order for us to let the chefs know about it. Keep in mind that some traditional Icelandic Cuisine is not able to be prepared to accommodate everyone but we will always have something for everyone, just might not be traditionally Icelandic, but always with twist.

What is included?

This tour includes local food tasting at four different restaurants, Tryggvaskáli, Vor, Ísey Skyr and Messinn. You also get a drink at the first food stop, Tryggvaskáli and during your dinner at Messinn. Last but not least, you will get a wonderful guide to tell you all about the town’s history and about the food you’re eating.

How much walking?

The tour is around three kilometers and is quite an easy route, no hills or steps. We do go over some streets but nothing major. If you have a hard time walking and want to know if we can accommodate, feel free to contact us and one of our staff members tells you all you need to know.

Is it just food or is it sightseeing as well?

oh, you get a little bit of everything! Trust me, after this tour, you will have seen a lot, eaten a lot and had a lot of fun!

How can I book?

On the front page is a big yellow button that says BOOK A TOUR, but you can also book by clicking the link here: https://widgets.bokun.io/online-sales/0236ca08-0884-429c-8884-49cf05347361/experience/684181?partialView=1

Private tour?

Yes of course, just contact us and we can set it up!

what is the tour duration?

The tour takes about three hours more or less. You can choose how long you stay at the last stop so it might be longer or shorter, depending on you.

where is meeting location?

The meeting location is in front of the Restaurant Tryggvaskáli. It is located my the Ölfusá bridge and the parking lot is by the shopping centre.

is the tour suitable for children and infants?

Yes it is, but it is greatly appreciated if you let us know beforehand if you are bringing children.

how many are in each tour?

We can accomodate for 2-15 people at each given time. It just depends on how many book a tour.

is the tour in english?

Yes, all guides are english speaking but if you prefer it in Icelandic, please contact us.

canceallation and refund policy?

All bookings are non-refundable but if your trip changes we can always reschedule your tour.